Healthy Performance

Our temperature regulating, acoustic dampening and moisture controlling insulation is the natural choice to boost your building’s performance.

Sisalwool’s unique structure holds its form to allow friction fitting, making it a perfect chioce for retrofit (including historic).

Industry Tested.

Sisal x Wool

Sisal is a unique drought-resistant fibre crop that requires very little water to grow. Our sisal is grown organically by small scale farmers in East Africa.

We blend sisal with circular economy materials such as recycled wool to create insulation batts that are warm and safe.

Respecting planet
& People.

Low Carbon

Sisaltech is an ethical, purpose driven business. Our mission is to take on the climate crisis by innovating essential building materials using sisal.

Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that Sisalwool is a completely carbon neutral product that’s safe to handle.

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Innovative insulation for independent thinkers.

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Introduction to Sisaltech

John Ferguson, Founder & CEO

The construction industry produces a shocking amount of waste. Construction, demolition and excavation accounted for 62% of the UK’s total waste in 2018 and this must change urgently.

Sisaltech creates innovative construction insulation that is easy to switch to, sustainable by nature and completely recyclable. 

Sisalwool Insulation