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The Natural and Healthy way to Insulate your project


Use between rafters, ceiling joists, floor joists, partitions, stud walls and in timber frame construction. Suitable for new build or retrofit (including historic buildings). Moisture buffering - helps to avoid condensation or moisture build up. Time Saving - structure provides friction fitting and prevents slumping when installing.

Low Carbon

Sisal is a highly sustainable fibre crop grown organically by small-scale farmers in east Africa. We blend with recycled and circular economy materials. Unlike our competitors we use a starch-based binder, meaning all offcuts are compostable.

Health & Safety

Unlike other insulation products, sisal insulation can be handled safely without protective clothing and has no carcinogens. It does not off-gas so is safe to use even in very airtight homes.

Why Sisal?

Sisal is a highly sustainable fibre crop which is grown organically.

It has a very low water demand, and so can help farmers in Africa cope with the impact of climate change. Sisal was historically used for making ropes and sacks, however during our research and development phase we discovered that it has excellent thermal properties, making in an ideal fibre for use in insulation products.