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introduction to Sisaltech

We produce sustainable building insulation made from sisal and wool. Our small but growing company is passionate about a low-carbon future and how our technical insulation can help to make a better world.

Company Values

For buildings to be energy efficient and made from sustainable, low-carbon materials.

We create innovative, technical, natural fibre insulation products to enable an easy switch to low carbon building materials while offering increased safety and comfort to installers.

Our purpose is to help tackle the climate emergency.


In the late 2000’s, John Ferguson was working to upskill small-scale farmers in East Africa around climate change mitigation.

During this work he became familiar with the unique and highly drought resistant fibre crop, sisal. Used for centuries in rope making, sacks and geo-textiles sisal was a plant that many in the construction industry had forgotten about… until now.

Fast forward a few years and we now produce one of the lowest carbon, highest-quality sustainable thermal insulation products on the market.

Key staff

John Ferguson (Founder & CEO)

Passionate about tackling the climate emergency with practical solutions; John founded Sisaltech to make better building materials. His experience in sisal supply chain and innovative manufacturing gives our company a crucial edge. John's leadership and commitment to genuine sustainability inspires us all.

James Hawes (Operations Manager)

Ensuring that everything goes smoothly from raw materials, production and delivery; James loves delighting our customers with fantastic solutions. You'll find his deep product knowledge and practical experience hugely beneficial, whatever questions you may have.

Caleb Isaacs (Marketing Manager)

Experienced in startups and small business, Caleb leads our marketing strategy for bringing Sisaltech to the world. Caleb believes that low-carbon manufacturing is critical for passing on a prosperous world to future generations and wants to help bring natural fibre insulation to as many homes and buildings as possible.

What is sisal? Learn more here.

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Introduction to Sisaltech

John Ferguson, Founder & CEO

The construction industry produces a shocking amount of waste. Construction, demolition and excavation accounted for 62% of the UK’s total waste in 2018 and this must change urgently.

Sisaltech creates innovative construction insulation that is easy to switch to, sustainable by nature and completely recyclable.