John Ferguson

About Sisaltech

Sisaltech is the insulation brand of The East Africa Sisal Company Ltd.  The company was founded in 2012 by John Ferguson who has an MSc in Tropical Agricultural Development and has spent several years working with small-scale farmers in East Africa.  He believes that farmers there do not want charity, but want to be able to trade their way out of poverty by having access to markets and receiving a fair price for their produce.  Our raison d’être is to tackle climate injustice by giving those most impacted by climate change an extra income stream to help them improve their lives, to conduct our business in the lowest carbon way possible, and to manufacture innovative and sustainable products. 

We buy sisal fibre from small-scale farmers in East Africa for a fair price.  We then brush and bale the fibre, and ship it here.  We then blend the sisal fibre with recycled fibres, sustainable binders and fire retardants in order to produce our final products.