Sisalwool is a carbon neutral, high-performance natural fibre insulation batt. Suitable for walls, in pitched roofs and under suspended timber floors. Sisalwool can be found in homes and commercial buildings across the UK.

Our Scottish engineered, vapour permeable, fire resistant and safe to handle insulation is available now for purchase directly from Sisaltech.

Tech Specs

ContentsSisal fibre, recycled wool, bi-co binder
Thermal Conductivity0.036W/mK
Acoustic Performance12dB reduction at 500-2000Hz 40dB as part of internal stud walls
Reaction to fireEuro class E
Moth proofingEcolan
Carbon footprintNeutral (Cradle to gate)
End of lifeReturn to Sisaltech for recycling

Note: All above values are indicative and natural variation between batches may occur.

What is Sisal and why do we use it in our insulation?