Sisalwool Loftroll (Coverage 54m2)


Introducing Sisalwool Loftroll, your top choice for eco-friendly insulation! These high-performance, low-carbon rolls offer fantastic thermal properties and outstanding soundproofing. You can trust Sisalwool – it’s safe, with no harmful chemicals, and suitable for both new and retrofit projects, like insulating between rafters, joists, partitions, stud walls, and lofts.

Sisalwool Loftroll is rolls of 3m long x 0.5m wide, so 1.5m2.  It is £11/m2 so £16.50/roll.  However if bought in whole pallets of 36 rolls the price drops to £9/m2 so £486/pallet.

Please note that shipping and VAT are not included in the price. Have questions? Call our friendly team at 0131 510 9296

Sisalwool Datasheet v1 A5