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Sisaltech makes sustainable insulation products that are easy to handle, safe for heritage buildings and healthy to live with. Engineered in Scotland, Sisalwool insulation is redefining performance standards for natural fibre products. 

Can building insulation really be carbon neutral, pleasant to work with and deliver exceptional thermal performance? Sisaltech’s innovation proves it can.

Sisalwool loft insulation

Construction insulation - ideal for retrofit

Available as 100mm or 50mm batts, Sisalwool has an excellent structure that’s ideal for using between wooden joists, rafters and in a variety of other applications.

Sisalwool ‘Loft’ is available in 50mm roll form which is ideal for lofts and underfloor. 

Both virgin and circular economy raw materials are used to manufacture sustainably: Recycled sisal from discarded coffee sacks, recycled sheep wool, virgin sisal and Scottish sheep wool all goes into making our innovative product. 

Virgin sisal is sourced from our partner company, Fair Trade Sisal, which supports independent small-scale farmers in Tanzania.   

Download the Sisalwool technical datasheet.

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Introduction to Sisaltech

John Ferguson, Founder & CEO

The construction industry produces a shocking amount of waste. Construction, demolition and excavation accounted for 62% of the UK’s total waste in 2018 and this must change urgently.

Sisaltech creates innovative construction insulation that is easy to switch to, sustainable by nature and completely recyclable.