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Sisal is a plant! More specifically, a remarkably strong and drought resistant natural fibre plant. Traditionally used in making ropes, sacks and other products, sisal was overlooked by many mainstream industries with the invention of  cheap polypropylene and other synthetic fibres… until now!

Sisal growing in Tanzania

Why Sisal?

With so many insulation products on the market using carbon-intensive materials or processes, we believe that sisal is the innovation the industry needs. Highly drought resistant, easy to grow organically and dried naturally under the African sun, sisal makes for a truly sustainable fibre source.

Many of us are aware of the incredible benefits of sheep wool as insulation however, when blended with sisal we can produce a product with a much better structure than pure wool insulation.

Carbon Footprint

Chopped sisal fibres are incredibly light and easy to transport. This means that bringing virgin sisal from East Africa to our factory via sea is actually only a very small part of Sisalwool’s overall carbon footprint. 

We use a mixture of virgin sisal from East Africa and recycled sisal from local coffee sacks, kindly donated to us by coffee roasters and cafes around Scotland. We constantly review and adapt all aspects of our supply chain to be as low emissions as possible. 

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